Dive Bar

Santa Cruz, CA

So you and all your friends have been walking around Santa Cruz talking about that huge sporting event that coming up this weekend. But, as always, no one wants to host all those people coming over to their house while they destroy the furniture, spill drinks all over the floor, track dirt all over the carpets and scare your animals silly by yelling at the TV. The Otter's Den sports lounge and cocktail bar is the solution to everybody's worries. No sports lounge can compete with the atmosphere that we can offer you and all of your buddies.

Do you have a group of ladies in your circle of friends that aren't interested in that silly sports game going on this weekend? Bring them over to The Otter's Den too! The cocktail bar selection at The Otter's Den is something to write home about. We have been locally-owned and operated since 2009. Being from the Santa Cruz area ourselves, we already know the perfect recipe you are looking for to make the perfect cocktail bar!

There is so much more to offer at The Otter's Den that any words on this page simply won't do it justice! You will just have to come in and see us for your next group outing or that next can't-miss sporting event. Whatever the day, whatever the occasion, bring your gang to hang out at The Otter's Den and we guarantee that you won't be disappointed. We'll be here seven days a week with our exceptional, friendly, and helpful staff. Conveniently located in the surrounding Santa Cruz area so that everyone in your group of friends will be sure to make it so you can all enjoy the company for the next big game or that next social event you have all been planning for days on end.