Local Bar

Monterey, CA

Looking for a great, fun dive bar in the Monterey area? Have you already been to all the college bars in the region, and you are looking for someplace you haven't been to yet? Wouldn't it be sweet if there was a sick college bar in or near the Monterey area, and it was just a hop skip and a jump away? Well there is, and it is right here! Welcome to The Otter's Den, the number one dive bar in the Monterey area! We have a great reputation and a cool atmosphere that people from all over the place just to see! When you want to have a fun time, and you would like to find a cool dive bar or college bar in the Monterey area, The Otter's Den has you covered and then some!

Here at The Otter's Den, we've got all the bits and pieces of a great local bar. Our customer service is above and beyond anything you would expect in a dive bar, due to our high standards and fantastic staff members. Our prices are as fair and competitive as it gets, we have a fantastic selection of alcohol, and our overall atmosphere is pretty great. All in all, this is one of the best dive bars, if not THE best dive bar you will go to all year long. Don't just go to any random old college bar the next time you are in Monterey, come down to The Otter's Den and we will show you a rockin' good time!

So remember, if you want to find a dive bar or college bar that is in or around the Monterey area, you have absolutely come to the right pace already. Come down to The Otter's Den today and we can have some fun!